Info: Lake Guntersville offers some of the best local duck hunting in the southeast. We are host to a large amount of some of the finest diver duck hunting in Alabama. We have the best equipment to give you the very best chance possible to get the ducks you came for and very experienced guides who stay on the river and know where the best group of ducks are for your hunt. 

We can cater to any hunt you desire inside our ducks that are available to us. We are very successful in bagging trophy divers (Canvasbacks, Red Heads, ect), for those looking for a trophy or trophies for the wall. 

Here is a list of ducks generally available:

Red Head
Lesser Scaup (blue bill)
Ruddy Duck
Wood Duck

Upon request any of the birds above can be scouted for to fill that mount collection of yours at home. If the species you are looking for is located, we will set up and try to help you in any way possible to get the kind of bird you are after.

Also, we know alot of hunters just want to hunt whatever is most plentiful. In that case we will scout and get you in the best spot we think for the best chance at nice full duck straps!


We are also lodging partners with D&E Landing to offer comfortable cabins to stretch out and spread out your gear and avoid the hotels.

Duck Hunt Prices : 

$195 per adult gun-full day (all hunts end at noon)

*****Minimum $250 per day****