General Info:

Your trip will begin at a pre-determined time, but usually sometime around daylight. No fishing or riding will take place until a full discussion of your expectations and goals takes place. I want you to have the trip you are paying your hard earned money to book. After we have an idea of what we are shooting for, we will start the trip.  Each client or set of clients seem to have a complete different agenda as to what they wish to accomplish, some are practicing for tournaments, some for fun, and some for learning certain techniques. I will try my best to give you the trip you want.

What to bring:

  • I have all fishing gear including rods set up and ready to go, however If you have your own I highly recommend you bring them as you will probably more comfortable casting yours.
  • All baits and lures are furnished if needed but like the rods, if you have confidence in your tackle, bring it.
  • I will have at least the legal number of life vests, but If yours are handy, bring them, we already know they fit you.
  • Bottles water will be in the cooler along with ice, bring anything else you want as far as food and drink.
  • Don't forget to wear clothes suited for the weather, and bring too much rather than not enough. Also be sure you bring your fishing license.
Fishing Rates/ Bookings
All year:
8 hours - $350
4 hours - $250
Split-trip 4 hours AM/ 4 hours PM - $400 (This gives you a midday break to rest, eat at a local restaurant, etc.)

Also available:

(May 1-Sept 30)
6 hour beat the heat special - $300

(Oct 1-April 31)
Extreme practice day
12 hours - $450
Tipping is not just a city in China, 15-25% is customary and appreciated but not required
Tournament Anglers
Are very welcome here, and any and every effort will be made to accomplish whatever that angler is looking for

Alabama fishing licenses may be purchased online. Licenses may also be obtained at many stores that carry fishing tackle or bait.

Reservations and Deposit
A non-refundable deposit of $100 must be mailed in by no later than 10 business days after booking

To book a trip, or to Inquire, please call Jonathan at (256) 647-3532